Case Studies

Vijay Laxmi Boutique

  • Operated campaigns at a scale with a RoAS of 5.3+
  • Increase in AOV by 37%.
  • Maintained a 27% returning user rate.

Taj Hotels

  • Generated over 1000 purchases for various packages of the brand via the website at a cost of fewer than 300 Rs./ Transaction.
  • Reached over tens of lakhs of people with reach campaigns, improving the overall brand visibility and awareness about new packages/ properties.

Baale Hotels Goa

  • Generated over 1000+ high-quality leads at a cost of less then < 70 Rs. / Lead.
  • Drove over 20,000 users to the website where almost 15-20% completed a business goal.
  • Analytics recorded over 2000 goal completions within a time frame of 3 weeks.

Radisson Blu Spa & Resorts, Karjat

  • Generated over 2000+ high-quality leads at a cost of less then < 15 Rs. / Lead.
  • Quality of leads helped double the conversion rates for the company and increased the revenue.
  • Database of thousands of users helped the company’s e-mail marketing as well by enabling them to do more targeted up-sells & cross-sells.
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