Radisson Blu Resorts & Spa, Karjat

Who are they?

A property of an international hotel chain situated in hill station near Mumbai & Pune.


To increase the number of inbound leads to help support the sales team in increasing the overall conversions and stays at the property.

Our Approach:

  • Running an on-facebook lead gen campaign with narrowed down targeting focusing on people who have shown an interest in the international chain.
  • Uploading custom audiences (people who stayed at the property in past) & running ads on lookalike audiences of these custom audiences to find new users to target.
  • Running extensive ads targeted towards users who have engaged with the Instagram page of the brand.

Campaign Results

  • Generated over 2000+ high-quality leads at a cost of less then < 15 Rs. / Lead.
  • Quality of leads helped double the conversion rates for the company and increased the revenue.
  • Database of thousands of users helped the company’s e-mail marketing as well by enabling them to do more targeted up-sells & cross-sells.
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