Baale Resorts Goa

Who are they?

A newly open luxury villa resort in Goa selling 3-4 rooms villa on per night basis at a cost of Rs. 80,000 + G.S.T/ Night.


To increase awareness about the newly launched property on digital mediums & to generate quality website traffic & inbound leads for stays.

Our Approach:

  • Running an awareness campaign with very specific targeting to reach the H.N.I audience.
  • Re-targeting the audience who engaged with awareness ads for website traffic or on-Facebook forms (Lead- Generation)

Campaign Results

  • Generated over 1000+ high-quality leads at a cost of less then < 70 Rs. / Lead.
  • Drove over 20,000 users to the website where almost 15-20% completed a business goal.
  • Analytics recorded over 2000 goal completions within a time frame of 3 weeks.
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