Who are they?

BWT Experiences is a leading innovator in the virtual yoga industry, dedicated to bringing the benefits of yoga directly to people’s homes. Their mission is to transform health and wellness by offering convenient, high-quality yoga sessions that fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles.

Technologies Used:

Brevo, Google Analytics 4, Pixel, Instagram Automation, Interakt, WhatsApp Automation & More.


Yoga – Health & Wellness

Advertising Products Used:

Facebook/ Instagram Ads & Google Ads


As a digital marketing agency, we partnered with the brand to achieve their goals of:

  • Reducing the cost per lead.
  • Identifying new, cost-effective channels.
  • Diversifying acquisition channels.
  • Leveraging AI and automation to enhance the overall acquisition process.
Our Approach:

It was an insightful journey. We began with a comprehensive audit to identify gaps in tracking across the website and other platforms used in the brand’s workflow. Once identified, we promptly addressed these gaps to ensure accurate data flow using advanced technologies like Google Analytics 4 and Conversion API.

Next, we launched multiple test campaigns, experimenting with various placements and creative languages to find the winning combination. After a dedicated three-month period, we successfully achieved the following results.



Our marketing efforts delivered impressive results for the brand:


  • Increased RoAS from 1.2 to 3 (For every $1 spent, we generated $3 in revenue, up from $1.20)
  • Reduced the cost per lead by 40%
  • Expanded acquisition channels from 1 to 3, reducing dependency on a single channel


Campaign Results

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